March 2018
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Our Mission

Only Emes is a non-profit organization promoting positive secular and humanistic values, skepticism and critical thinking skills to religious Jews, and providing a supportive community for Jewish people seeking to lead individualistic lifestyles.

As a community center for support and education, our goal is to improve the lives of Jewish people by encouraging education, constructive dialogue and acceptance of differences, resulting in a more mutually-respectful Jewish community free of ignorance and intolerance.

The ongoing commitment of Only Emes is helping Jews from sheltered and/or educationally-restricted environments to gain a better understanding of humanistic social values and scientific knowledge, and to overcome religious indoctrination in favor of growing a more healthy standard of self-determination. All people benefit from learning how to think critically about their religious beliefs, and by understanding how those beliefs may detrimentally influence their decisions. Thus, our organization aims to improve our community by encouraging individuals to explore new ideas and knowledge, and to foster a more peaceful community which celebrates differences and individuality with encouragement instead of persecution.

Our primary goals and activities include:

Promoting positive ideals and constructive ways of thinking beyond those dictated by traditional teachings and dogmatic rabbinical mandate.

Teaching the value of an evidence-based understanding of the natural world.

Offering support for individuals struggling to find happiness and fulfillment in a less religiously constrictive lifestyle.

Offering counseling and emotional support in both individual and group formats.

Training individuals to analyze, investigate, and question the factual and moral claims of traditional religious teachings.

Teaching secular and humanistic views of society in order to better relate to people from different ethnic backgrounds and lifestyles.

Promoting a positive view of Jewish culture throughout history, in its countless varieties, by emphasizing the adaptability and openness of Jewish culture.

Fostering acceptance and encouragement of differing views and lifestyles to eliminate the hatred and pain that results from religious intolerance within Jewish families and communities.

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