March 2018
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Talk Emes #5 Scheduled


Our next episode of Talk Emes™ will be held this coming Saturday, December 6th 2014, at 2:00 PM Eastern Time USA.
The topic will be “Logical fallacies and other deceptive tactics.”
We will be discussing argument tactics and other deceptive practices used in the kiruv business.

Many of us have been in the situation where a kiruv agent or other rabbinic figure uses deceptive tactics in persuading belief by steering the discussion onto a path which is prepared in advance. Not only in these circumstances, though, are these tactics used.

We will illustrate common examples of fallacies, as well as introduce both hypothetical and real encounters where one or more deceptive tactic is employed in order to make a convincing argument for faith and compliance. This kind of thing happens in many different environments – from shul lectures to seminary yeshivas. A person does not need to be gullible or feel like a fool for having been subjected to this type of deception; on the contrary, these tactics have been developed for ages as means of tricking people. It is not limited to religion either. If you learn to think critically and analytically, you will have the tools needed to recognize these tactics and expose them for what they are.

Please join us for this enlightening and insightful discussion. Send us an email requesting an invitation. We will be conducting this program via Google Hangouts On Air, a collaborative video-conference platform. You will not need a camera or microphone, as only the presenters will be visible (unless you’d like to join the discussion). You will be able to contribute comments as well as questions during the program. Please help make this as much of an interactive experience as possible by joining the program!

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