March 2018
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Talk Emes #5 Coming Soon!


I am pleased to announce the schedule and topic for Talk Emes #5! The program will begin at 1:00 PM EST this Thursday – January 8th. The program will be conducted using Webex, and the URL will be sent to all our subscribers.

In this upcoming program, we will discuss the topic of apologetics: why people devise excuses for god – for example: the failures we perceive, the inconsistencies, contradictions, false claims, discrepancies between Torah claims and the natural world as we observe and study, the moral problems in god’s behavior as represented in the Torah, and more.

This is not a new set of ideas, nor is the discussion revolutionary. The benefit of such a discussion is that by opening up for dialogue not the conflicts, but the act of attempting to resolve them, we can identify the core motivations for making these excuses. Whereas in all other aspects of life, we nearly always accept the truth as being the best identification, explanation, and parameters for any phenomena, as arrived at through science, when it comes to these truths posing challenges to the beliefs and “truths” represented in the Torah, the systems that are accepted, reliable and trustworthy in all other aspects of our lives must suddenly be suspended for the purpose of justifying continued belief in Torah claims and teachings. If people can recognize this behavior as flawed and biased, then seeking the objective truth of any phenomenon for any individual can be a clearer and more earnest experience.

We hope you will join us for this webcast, and please participate with questions and comments during the program!
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