March 2018
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Is this an atheist organization?

No, this organization’s mission and goals are clearly stated in our Mission page. The organization is comprised of numerous individuals, each with his or her own theological and philosophical perspective. The question of theism vs atheism is a personal choice, and one which is certainly often influenced by many of the topics we focus on, but as a community center, our goals are oriented more toward helping people learn and promoting equality, tolerance, and education.

Why do you want to take away people’s beliefs

We can not take away beliefs from people, nor do we wish to try.

What we do is to provide education and support to people who have already made the personal decision to assess their beliefs, and to prioritize truth over any unsupported ideas they have been taught.

Our motivation is to help and encourage others to maintain beliefs that are justified, and supported by evidence, and to help them realize when beliefs are unjustified, and unsupported by evidence. Because beliefs severely influence a person’s decisions and actions within society, they can be a powerful force. These beliefs are not benign, and cannot exist in a bubble within the privacy of the person’s mind. They affect how a person behaves toward others, including their family, friends, and society at large. It is therefore imperative to the welfare of society that beliefs in claims of fact as well as moral standards that are based on mythology and ancient ignorant teachings not be allowed to perpetuate through the generations, leading people to cause harm to others solely because of these unjustified beliefs.