March 2018
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We have several programs currently operating, as well as many more in the planning stage. Our specific activities are diverse, ranging from educational to community support. Each of these, however, is an integral element in its own way contributing toward our singular purpose: to help individuals in the Jewish community to improve their lifestyles, their well-being, and their overall lives.

“Talk Emes”

Our online conference program has been flourishing and growing in both live attendance as well as popularity in viewings on YouTube. In this program, we discuss a variety of topics, such as science, philosophy, social concerns and individual experiences. We look forward to seeing this program grow more and more as time goes on. If you have attended a conference, or would be interested in doing so, please subscribe to our mailing list, so you can stay informed whenever a program is scheduled. Attendance can be via web browser, smartphone or tablet, or even by phone. The telephone number is made available for each episode, and you are able to call in and listen. We value your input, feedback and participation always.


Support Groups

Our Support Groups are conducted online. It is our long-term goal to host these in-person within our future facility. For the time being, we conduct them via web chat for the convenience of not requiring a physical venue. There are many advantages to this format, including the option for each individual to choose whether to display their face, and the convenience of attending where and when they can have privacy for the session.

The purpose of the group is to provide emotional support and sharing of experiences, troubles and lifestyle choices, in order to help each other. It is a very simple concept with nothing revolutionary. This peer-based format has been and continues to be used worldwide in all sorts of communities as a supplemental system to professional therapy. Countless individuals participate in this type of group system every day. This group is specifically geared toward those who are struggling with the intellectual, emotional and lifestyle choices and challenges that arise from living somewhere between religious and secular; between believe and non-belief; between conformity and individuality. From family and friends to professional atmosphere to all other aspects of life, people benefit from a support system of camaraderie with others who share the same struggles.

Unlike our educational programs, the Support Groups are never recorded, and the participants can choose how much of their own privacy to share with the others. This program is to help, so whatever level of exposure the individual feels comfortable with is their own choice.